Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter and Finals

Today was a bittersweet day:
It started off sweet with a 4.6k run that took me 17 minutes *that's good for me since i'm not a runner.*

Then it turned bitter: I met up with a girl from one of my classes to study for our exam and left feeling more confused about the exam.

Things went back to sweet when I bought this great new iced tea that comes in a funky glass bottle!

China Mist Unsweetened Black Tea, Dragon Fruit!

Me and my runners, lounging, waiting for the library to open
 I celebrated Easter with my family at my dads house. He cooked up some veggies, sweet potatoes and salmon. He knows what I like, clearly!
Tomorrow is my final day to study until my 2 exams on Tuesday.
Report back to you Tuesday! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend full of good eats and great times spent with family/friends! :)

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  1. OMG! YOU HAVE A BLOG!! HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THIS! have i been living under a rock lately?? i think so! xoxoxo