Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Balancing Stress of Exams with Exercise and Nutrition

The last month has been FULL of non-stop essay writing and exam studying. NOT fun to say the least.

Luckily, I find exercise is the perfect way to get out any stress that I have.
Eating well is important to fuel my brain for the books and body for my exercise.
Lately i've been teaching Spin classes and doing weights. I have also been trying to get ready for my 5k Diabetes run that is happening May 15th!

Here are a few pics of the latest and greatest meals and treats in my life:

Salmon and Asparagus. Full of Omega 3's! Brain food! YUM

Thanks for the treats VEGA! Much needed protein for my workouts!

Lunch from LIVE organic, raw zucchini salad with kale and pesto!

Stay turned for more good-ness.
I gotta head out to teach my 6:30pm spin class, I added a few new songs to my playlist including my new obsession OMG -Far East Movement feat. Snoop Dogg!

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