Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hormones and Chocolate

"Chocolate" Goodness

I had SUCH a strong craving for something chocolate-y yesterday, then realized why.
I decided to go with the healthiest fake food I could find (and even this wasn't at the top of my healthy -food list)!
This bar has 10g of protein which is pretty good, but 12g of sugar! Tasted like a candy bar that's been jazzed up to look healthy.
I have learned my lesson, next time I have a chocolate craving go straight to the source and buy 80-90% real cacao!

Spin class last night was SO SWEATY! The fans weren't working, we steamed up the mirrors inside the room. Enough said. People loved it though, despite looking like they just stepped out of a pool ;)
Off to the gym for some time with the lovely weights! 
Have a great day!

The Studio!

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  1. your studio is so fancy looking inside!!