Thursday, 21 April 2011

Last week of studying!

This week has been less productive than I had hoped.
Teaching spin twice a week mixed with doctors appointments (I am type 1 diabetic) and getting ready to haul-ass (move) has really limited my time to STUDY!

I am hoping that this Easter weekend will allow me to buckle down and hit the books. I've got LOTS to memorize (History of Rome exam) and (History of Caribbean exam).

Have you got any special study tips that help you out? I need a quick fix... does that exist?
I have been a good student and formed 2 study groups for my exams. We are going to get together and all discuss things we may not be clear about for the exam--here's to hoping they are productive study sessions and not just chatter about how crazy our prof is ;)

Moving on to the good stuff:
Can you guess which one I bought?

New Multi Vitamin, thanks mom!
I ended up buying Cinnamon Swirl! Chunks of raisins and swirled cinnamon sure sounded good to me--and I wasn't disappointed!
I also ran out of my regular Multi-Vitamin, and thanks to my mom (who works at a health shop/pharmacy) got hooked up with MULTI BASICS 3! The only thing that stinks about this vitamin is the fact that you've gotta take 3 pills (1 serving)! I am used to 'daily 1' ... but I guess I shouldn't complain here. It's better to have vitamins than not... especially at $53 dollars! Yikes!

Off to 2 back-to-back study sessions (snore), wish me luck!

Have a great day everyone! Stay tuned ... ;)

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