Saturday, 28 May 2011

Protein Power

Hi lovely ladies and gents!
Working out as frequent as I do, protein is an essential part of my diet. Protein powders have become a regular part of my daily diet--mostly because I enjoy the taste and texture and versatility of them.
You can make:
Protein puddings, pancakes, shakes, smoothies, icings, parfaits and much more!
I have tried almost every kind of protein but have fallen in love with Sun Warrior Vanilla, Muscle Milk Light (Chocolate and Cake Batter), as well as Vega (all their products, but the Vanilla Protein powder is my favorite)!

I have been trying whey, brown rice and mixed protein powders recently, just to see how my body and muscles react.

What are your favorite protein mixes/flavors or brands?


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  1. i have always liked brad king's ultimate whey..and i also like vital whey (chocolate). chocolate or vanilla for sure is my fav. and using them in pancakes and smoothies is probably my fav..oh and puddings too.

    since u mentioned vega, it reminds me that i love the vega instant smoothie packets- they're super tasty!